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production manager

​Production Manager

​Mid-Career Recruitment

Production Manager (Experienced) 
Production Coordinator (No Experience necessary)

【Job Description】
The main task will be to complete and deliver each project by the deadline while managing schedules and production progress.
While communicating with CG supervisors and directors who manage the overall quality of the video, the position will require managing the progress of production by incorporating it into specific schedules. 
In addition, to ensure that the work is completed within the budget, the position is also responsible for the appropriate management of man-hours and attendance of both internal and external artists involved in the work.
Future career paths include line producer and producer, who are responsible for the overall management of production projects.

【Suggested】 Any one of the following:
- At least 2 to 3 years of experience as a production manager/coordinator in the video industry.
- Studied video production (e.g., studied at a vocational school).
- Experience in managing the production progress while handling the allocated budgets/schedules with multiple members, not limited to the video production industry.
*We welcome those who have leadership experience not limited to video production, such as magazine editing, production management in advertising, event planning and management, store start-up, etc.
- English and Japanese proficiency: proficiency at a business or native level is required for both languages, as some projects will require interaction with overseas staff and clients. 
*The interview will be mainly in Japanese (Part of the interview may be conducted in English).

【Ideal candidate】
- Those who have the ability to coordinate with their surroundings
- High ability of communication skills
- Able to work proactively and take the initiative in understanding the needs of the site

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