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Mid-career Recruitment Artist Positions

Shot Artist

【Job Description】
・Lighting and Rendering using Maya
・Compositing using Nuke of images by RenderImage, Matte, FX, Display, etc.   

【Applications Used】
・Maya (Arnold, PPixel, Redshift, MentalRay), Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Adobe AfterEffects (will depend on the work)

・Experience in using Maya Software (Vocational school graduate or equivalent level of skill)  
・Those who are enthusiastic about CG production, whether it is a realistic or a toon-look   
   *Students without experience in Nuke is accepted (willingness to learn Nuke is a must)

・One who understands modeling to composite flow as a Generalist
・Experience in Toon-look
・Experience in Nuke, Arnold and Redshift
・Knowledge in Python, MEL
・Experience in Substance, Painter, Mari
・Those interested in PPixel (Rendering software developed by PPI)  

 【Work Location】
Polygon Pictures Inc. Studio /Remote Work from Home
・We will flexibly respond to your situation by using both office and remote work from your home in Japan.
・Remote work from outside the commuting area is subject to consultation.
・High speed internet connection (wired) is recommended for remote work. If necessary, please prepare your own separate monitor or pen tablet for work efficiency.
 *Since the remote connection tool you will be using is for domestic use, you must reside in Japan for this position.

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