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Mid-career Recruitment Artist Positions


【Job Description】
Although the recruiting process at Polygon Pictures has been based on a division of labor system,  as the number of projects has been expanding recently, we would like to start recruiting generalists with comprehensive skills.
・ First, we will determine the work to be assigned, according to the needs of the project while inquiring about the requests and suitability of the applicant.
・ As a long-term career, depending on your aptitude, we will consider eventually assigning you to become a CG Supervisor, or to a production work that makes use of your expertise.

    *Please refer to this page for the job description of CG supervisors.
・ One will be able to be deeply involved in a project with a wide range of knowledge and without being tied to a single process.

【Applications Used】
・Maya, Nuke, etc.
 *Will vary depending on the type of work.

・Experience in using Maya software

・Experience in multiple production processes (i.e., Modeling + Lighting +Composite)
・Experience as a Team Leader, Project Manager, etc.

【Work Location】
Polygon Pictures Inc. Studio /Remote Work from Home
・We will flexibly respond to your situation by using both office and remote work from your home in Japan.
・Remote work from outside the commuting area is subject to consultation.
・High speed internet connection (wired) is recommended for remote work. If necessary, please prepare your own separate monitor or pen tablet for work efficiency.
 *Since the remote connection tool you will be using is for domestic use, you must reside in Japan for this position.

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