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Mid-career Recruitment Artist Positions

Technical Director

【Job Description】
・Develop tools at the request of the projects
・Technical support and prototypes at the pre-production stage pertaining to development of project presentation
・Select and test tools to be used in production, and develop supporting tools
・Propose and implement new workflows
・Technical support for artists

・A thorough knowledge of DCC tools such as Maya and Houdini, etc.
・Deep knowledge of image production workflow
・3 years or more of Python development experience
・3 years or more of production experience as an artist
・High communication skill

・Experience in developing C/C++
・Experience in developing plug-ins for DCC tools
・Experience in developing shaders
・Experience in developing UE4 and Unity
・Experience as a pipeline TD
・Experience as a modeling TD
・Experience as a technical animator
・Ability to communicate in English

【Work Location】
Polygon Pictures Inc. Studio /Remote Work from Home
・We will flexibly respond to your situation by using both office and remote work from your home in Japan.
・Remote work from outside the commuting area is subject to consultation.
・High speed internet connection (wired) is recommended for remote work. If necessary, please prepare your own separate monitor or pen tablet for work efficiency.
 *Since the remote connection tool you will be using is for domestic use, you must reside in Japan for this position.

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