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Mid-career Recruitment Artist Positions

CG Supervisor

【Job Description】
A general manager who manages and guarantees the production flow, production tools, methods, quality, schedule, workload, etc., from the creator's point of view, in the entire process from the launch to 
the delivery of the video production project.
Since we work based on a division of labor system, we appoint a supervisor for each production process when the project is launched. One will supervise each of these supervisors and work in collaboration with clients and producers.
[Main Job Details]
・Estimating and managing the progress, quality, and required personnel of the entire project
・Verification, selection and development request of tools used for production
・Verification of production flow and planning / execution for optimization as needed

・Experience as a supervisor in CG Production or in leading a team and overseeing an entire project *(A team of at least 3 to 5 people or more is preferred.)
・Knowledge and experience in planning and proposing optimal production flow, methods and techniques for a series of CG production processes.
・Experience in using Maya, Photoshop, After Effect or Nuke

【Ideal Person】
・Ability to act assertive and proactively 
・High communication skills

【Work Location】
Polygon Pictures Inc. Studio /Remote Work from Home
・We will flexibly respond to your situation by using both office and remote work from your home in Japan.
・Remote work from outside the commuting area is subject to consultation.
・High speed internet connection (wired) is recommended for remote work. If necessary, please prepare your own separate monitor or pen tablet for work efficiency.
 *Since the remote connection tool you will be using is for domestic use, you must reside in Japan for this position.

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