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I like listening to the radio (podcasts, web radio and so on).

I love going to the “OK Store” supermarket.

Interview with Kohara

Can you tell us what kind of work you do?

I mainly do background modeling..

It can be for PBR or toon-look titles, or quite a wide range of things. Buildings, or large natural objects. There are also cockpit interiors. 

— Do you have a favorite type of modeling, or a particular specialty?

I like all of it, rather than focusing on one thing over others.

Apart from modeling, I also do look development for characters and backgrounds, but at first I didn't really know much about this, so I had a little trouble with in-house renderers and shaders, but I soon got used to it as I went along. The people around me were also very supportive and taught me a lot.

At Polygon Pictures, modelers do the texturing, but then it is Look Dev artists’ job to convert the shaders, etc., to suit the renderer.

— What happens when you're working with Look Dev and you have to fix textures, for example?

If it's textures, I'll fix it on the Look Dev side, but model changes can affect the rig if we don't send it back to the modeler... so that's how we deal with it.

What did you do before joining Polygon Pictures?

After graduating from art college, I joined a paper container design company. We designed product packaging and other paper products.

After that, I decided that I wanted to go into the video production industry, so I went to Digital Hollywood to study, and then I joined Polygon Pictures.

I had used Photoshop and Illustrator before, but it was my first time using CG software at Digital Hollywood.

— Is there any part of what you learnt at art college that you can use in your CG production?

I think so. Not only in production, of course, but at art college they give us a lot of feedback via critiques.

I think the experience of having my work looked at with strict eyes and then revising them again from that objective opinion was useful.

Is there anything you are into at the moment?

I don't really have anything that I'm crazy about, but on my days off I usually go out or listen to the radio.

What sort of challenges do you want to tackle in the future?

I think my skills are not varied enough, and there is some software that I haven't mastered yet, so I would like to be able to use them in my work to improve the overall quality of our titles and make our work more efficient.

We use Maya at the moment the most, but Blender is popular worldwide, right?

Blender has many users, so there are various tips and tricks around for it, and with Maya at times it is still better or faster but at other times it is not, and I want to be able to work with a better understanding of which way is best.

​I would like to be able to work with the software that will have the most users in the future.

A message to those interested in working in Polygon Pictures

I hope you apply for a job at Polygon Pictures.


After all, there are some things you won’t know until you actually talk to us in person (i.e., at an interview).

When I applied for the job, I thought it would be fun because Polygon Pictures did titles with various different looks like “Drifting Dragons” and “Stillwater”. And indeed, after joining the company I have enjoyed being able to work on both toon-based and realistic-look projects.

— Do you have any advice about portfolios or demo reels when applying for a job?

I believe it's usually a good idea to think about what skills are needed for the department you want to be in, and your portfolio or reel should be structured in a way that makes this obvious.

I guess that mostly means thinking about the people who will actually be looking at your works to judge when you make your portfolio.



Kohara’s History


Graduated from CG School (Digital Hollywood Osaka)

Joined Polygon Pictures

Worked on modeling for Netflix series “Mech Cadets”

In charge of modeling and look development for films, game trailers and an animated series for a major video distribution service (all titles not yet released).

One photo from the library

This is a photo from a teishoku-ya restaurant near the company.

I like the cute “Oi Ocha” stuffed toy.

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